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MOLTOSENSO is an Italian SME whose core activity is to work as a strategic partner of its customers, providing SERVICES based on INNOVATIVE ICT solutions (wireless sensor and actuator networks, distributed and intelligent monitoring objects, big data management systems, artificial intelligence).

In the waste maangement sector, moltosenso develops new solutions for the optimization of the sector. The application of Big Data analysis and Business Intelligence, allows waste collection operators to optimize the collection shifts planning. Thanks to the application of predictive models and the automation of collection planning, we offer to our customers highly positive results from the very beginning, and recovering the investment in a short time.

In the healthcare sector, the company is active with support systems for personal care with the Diapsense™ solution, for monitoring long-term absorbent material of elder, newborn as well as women, with an accesit by the European Commission in the EU eHealth competition in Copenhagen in 2012.

To serve these scenarios, the company has developed a (patented) platform, composed of hardware, firmware and software capable of distributing in the space network devices (nodes) equipped with intelligence and suitable for carrying out autonomous data acquisition functions (through sensors) and implementation of pre-set routines or triggered due to the achievement of certain thresholds by the monitored values. The visualization of the activities of the network, of its nodes and, above all, of the information necessary for carrying out the service for which the network is deployed, is possible thanks to the cross-platform software that allows the end user to access the requested information and to set - where necessary - the operating parameters of the network itself. This approach places MOLTOSENSO as one of the European reference companies in the field of the Internet of Things.

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